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How to integrate git-bash into ConEmu

Checked this with official git-bash 2.6.2 and ConEmuPack.151015.

Add a new tasks as follows (click on the pictures if you can’t read them):



Replace c:\app\git with the directory you installed git-bash into.

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Using (deep)copy in cython

If you want to be able to properly use copy or deepcopy in cython (without getting a segfault), you have to implement the pickle protocol for the class you want to (deep)copy.


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Cropping an inserted object in Microsoft Word 2007

If you insert a picture, you can easily google how to crop it in Word 2007, but if you insert an object, like a Powerpoint slide into Word, it’s not so easy to google. I hope this post will change that.

The answer is simple, but not necessarily easy to find. Right click on the inserted object, click Format and then go to the Picture tab. In the top of this tab you will see the Crop from panel. Here you can fill in your crop values.

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Unlink of file failed for git gui or git gc on Windows

This happens usually when you have an IDE (like Eclipse, PyCharm) or a text editor with git integration (Emacs, Atom, Sublime) holding on to the files you want to unlink.

To solve it, close the IDE/editor and redo your git gc or git gui compression command.


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