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Free Continuing Education Video Courses

If you are interested in following free continuing education courses (in topics like math, physics, biology, etc.), these might be interesting:

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Constraint solving library

If you’re facing a problem concerning optimization of variables adhering to some constraints there are existing constraint programming toolkits.

An interesting library for C++ and python is the Operations Research Toolset by Google.

A python example which shows all combinations of variables a,b,c,d where a==b and c==d could look as follows:

  a = s.IntVar(0, 5, "a")
  b = s.IntVar(0, 2, "b")
  c = s.IntVar(0, 5, "c")
  d = s.IntVar(0, 999999, "d")

  all_vars = [a, b, c, d]

  s.Add(a == b)
  s.Add(c == d)


  while s.NextSolution():
    print all_vars

The output would be:

[a(0), b(0), c(0), d(0)]
[a(0), b(0), c(1), d(1)]
[a(0), b(0), c(2), d(2)]
[a(0), b(0), c(3), d(3)]
[a(0), b(0), c(4), d(4)]
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Free profiling tools for windows

Some interesting free profiling tools for Windows:

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Changing boot order Windows/Linux in GRUB2

By default, the installation provides a GRUB 2 that is configured to first probe for Linux OSs and then only for other OSs. A simple yet quite robust way of changing the order to Windows first and then Linux is the following:

Open a terminal and issue the following commands:

cd /etc/grub.d

sudo mv 30_os-prober 09_os-prober

sudo update-grub2

These commands will make sure thatr the os-prober script (which probes for other OSs, such as Windows) is executed before the script that probes for Linux OSs when automatically building the grub.cfg file.

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Extracting files from executable installers

A tool called Universal Extractor can be used to extract some types of executable installers. It does not  support everything, but a bit more than normal archivers.

This can be particularly useful when you want to run an application that requires administrator rights to install.

Tip: Use the Binary package of Universal Extractor if you do not have administrator rights.

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