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Kernel analysis tools

Linux Trace Toolkit (

ftrace (in linux kernel)

sysprof (in linux kernel)

kprobes (in linux kernel)

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Measuring clock cycles in C++

When you want to measure small times, the clock() function in C++ is not always sufficient.

The RDTSC time-stamp counter on Pentium class processors allows reading the time stamp counter from the CPU and offers a higher resolution.

Note that this way of measurement includes processes which are running in the background.



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Applying RT patch on linux kernel

tar xfvj linux-<desired_version_that_is_rt_patchable>.tar.bz2
cd linux-<desired_version_that_is_rt_patchable>
bzcat ../patch-<desired_version_that_is_rt_patchable>-rt<patchversion>.bz2 | patch -p1


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