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Installing Microsoft Office 2007 in Linux

OpenOffice is a great application, but sometimes your university (or company) wants to use Office 2007 as the main standard format. For simple documents the conversion from Microsoft Office 2007 to OpenOffice and back works quite well, but sometimes there are some layout quirks when converting.

Office 2007 can be used from linux using wine (without crossover office). Usually installing some of the prerequisites and configuration takes some effort. Luckily PlayOnLinux allows an easy installation of Office 2007 in linux with using only a plain version of wine.

How to install (ubuntu)


  • If you want the bleeding edge version of wine, then add the wine PPA repository (see instructions).
  • If you want the newest version of PlayOnLinux (recommended) add the PlayOnLinux repository (seeĀ  instructions).


Install PlayOnLinux and wine:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install playonlinux wine

Start playonlinux and do the following:

  • Click install
  • Select Office
  • Select Office 2007
  • Follow the wizard instructions on the screen


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