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Fixing TV-out in Vista (NVIDIA cards)

With TV-out sometimes Windows Vista only shows a black screen on the TV. Playing around with the software settings often does not remedy the problem.

The following things may help in this situation:

  1. Use output device switch hotkey when working on a laptop (e.g. Fn+F8)
  2. Restart windows using VGA (low-resolution) mode
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Finding out UUIDs of disks

ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/

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Linux command line arithmetic calculations

We can use the expr tool to calculate integer number expressions:

expr 5 + 5


However, when we want to calculate something more complex like for example 5 + 5 * 6, expr makes things very complicated. It may be possible to do this, but it’s always a hassle with syntax.

Instead, one can use bc. A simple expression might be:

echo "(5 + 5) * 6" | bc


whereas a more complex expression (like Sin(pi) + e^2 * (3.5 + arctan(0))) is also possible:

echo "scale=10; pi=4*a(1); s(pi) + e(2) * (3.5 + a(0))" | bc -l


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Postfix catch-all for local domain

To set the catchall for “” to, use postconf as follows:

postconf -e ""

postconf -e "local_recipient_maps="

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